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Setting up house in Paradise. The green so green all around you and when the sky is blue, it a swath painted just for you.  But the rainforest that makes all this corrodes everything you own, the sink fixtures and pipes and towel bars and a phone that is ten dollars in the US costs at least twenty here. And you know the converter taking you from DC to AC is going to burn the booster within the year.

Our cars have been sold and our next one didn’t work once it came off the ship.  I gathered my coins and walked up the hilll and flagged down a van to take me to town.  The ones with tourists wouldn’t slow down for me, this blond white woman.  They were on a mission making money.  The local bus finally came and I sat in the crowd of 13 and felt the breeze and then saw his star of David with its backround of struggle in red yelllow green and black.  Home as one

Coming back to the island, so I can see it as new and magical again, full of poetry and pain.



  1. dominicaduo says:

    Called uno because I felt like I was working all alone while hubby was “liming.”

  2. Ilene Freedman says:

    just subscribed. At the beginning. I see what u write. this is good.

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