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Sunday in the Bush

As the sun goes down and eve is neigh, a vodka with fresh grapefruit juice goes down very nicely.  From your own potatoes and trees preferably on land never fed a pesticide.  The birds and vermin get most of our crop.  But this week I got two papaya and a dozen passion fruit and the grape fruit.  For those of us who do not take meds for high cholesterol it is a great and tasty remedy drunk in the morning with red rice yeast and niacin at bedtime.

Every stalk, leaf and blade here has a purpose.  If you juice it it cures the flu, if you make a tea you are cured.  If you soak the bark in rum you have Viagra.  For high blood pressure buy a green papaya.  Cut and boil it in plenty water and mix a 1/4 cup of liquid with juice in the morning 3x/week.  You will have to cut back because your blood pressure goes too low.

The first sip of my nectar was so delicious I stopped breathing.  When it hit my stomach I could feel it radiate out  the nerve endings that are frayed.

The pup is having pups.  Calypso got taken in this garden of Eden when she was only seven months.  A teenage mother.  She is under the house bewildered, with her pudenda all puffed up and her tetes heavy with milk.
We have no transport.
Goat meat is simmering on the stove

I had a bit of fresh red fish for lunch.  The last avocados went down like cream.
Jah Bless

Om Shalom


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  1. dominicaduo says:

    Praise the abundance that is Dominica. Even the cure for AIDS in the sap of a tree.

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