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Spring Roses; Life in Bloom

Spring Roses;  Life in Bloom

The manuscripts are in and I am out in my garden at last, cutting, trimming, weeding and trying to get nature in order, as much as it will allow. It is much like writing, starting with a seed and watching it bloom or wither, flourish or wilt on the vine. It is wonderful to be out in the air, although it drizzles and has been raining on the East Coast all of spring into July.
So I’m heading south to get warm.
I am preparing for my trip to Cuba. I have been wanting to go for the longest time. Enter a Graham Greene novel and dance to local music, see their art and their cars, an art in themselves. They say Cuba has the best mechanics because they have had to learn to save and repair what they have due to U.S. embargoes. It has made them strong and co-operative and self sufficient and they are frontrunners in sustainable living.
The trip is approved by the US of A, and I will have mucho to report.



  1. Jackie says:

    I’m looking forward to reading about your experience of Cuba.

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