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Yearly Homecoming

I got off the plane in Dominica and the humidity hit me like a gust of pudding. The upside is that within an hour every wrinkle on my skin had smoothed out and plumped up. The mountains were beautiful still, the colors were lush and the roads were worse. Our manager, who got his license several yeas ago at age fifty drives with caution which is what I like when I first arrive. I show him that second gear has more power to pull us up the mountain and also holds us back from going to fast down the mountain. Ollie sits in back and I ride shot-gun on the left front seat in this right hand drive nation.This is so I won’t get sick on the switchbacks down and up the mountains on the trip that is only seventeen miles as the crow flies but takes one and a half hours to complete. My daughter pukes by the side of the road every time she is driven from the airport.
I am so happy to be home. A bag of twenty grapefruit wait in my sink to be washed and squeezed. Bryson doesn’t keep the trees as trimmed as Bonty did and Gabriel’s trumpets hang by the front door. The sheets are clean. The floors are dirty and there is no light in my bathroom. The kitchen is working and this morning at six we went to market to buy our meat and vegetables fresh from the farm.
I asked the butcher when the cow had been killed and he said yesterday so I told him I would age the steak for three weeks. He guffawed at this. Here they just cook the shit out of everything, stew it til it is tender and edible. I was taught how to age meat by my friend Sidonie from France. Simply leave it in the fridge, wrapped, and the muscle fiber will deteriorate over time and the meat will be tender.
The rains came before Christmas and washed the mountains down. We have three hundred and sixty-five rivers and now more. The water sluices down the mountains and made new ravines. I am going out now to look at the one the developed between our house and the Inn. Our water comes from a freshwater pool inside the mountain but it has had a little silt in it lately. A natural loofah to clean the dirt of the default world. I am home in Paradise. Om Shalom


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