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Rain, Rain, Go Away

It is the second coming.  Of the deluge.  It rained for seventeen days before Christmas on the island of Dominica.  The mountains flowed down.  It has continue with slight abatements since I have been here after the first of the new year 2014.  I have promised that I would walk as part of ADL.  For those who don’t know this term it is soc/psych for activities of daily living.  If you can keep brushing your teeth, combing your hair, making your bed, trying to make the center hold when you are depressed or scared or growing at an enormous pace and must take a time out.  

I have added the requirement of walking.  Moving my legs so my heart has  to work and my feet have to move and I have to get out of myself and not seep down the rabbit hole nap after nap.  I am definitely not in that place now, up and at ‘em and ready to go every morning.  Listening to the rain on the tin roof going from first to second and third gear, looking for the sun rise, thinking a salute will help.

It is six AM now and the clouds are taking shape with light around them.  Maybe I’ll get to walk without getting soaked.  Up the mountain, hiding under leafy trees when the rain is full blown.  My clothes become my wet suit and take on the temperature of my body, keep me cosy and warm.  A towel around my neck is all I need.

Dominica gets about 401 inches of rain per year.  Boston as a comparison gets about 41.  Welcome to the RainForest, where there is a cure for everything.


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