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Home Thoughts, Dominica

To The Editor, Chronicle of Dominica:
     We are citizens and visitors, leaving for great whiles to the States, then coming back yearly.  Since 1995 when Mrs John arrived in Roseau to meet her intended’s mother and family, when before she had never heard of the country.
     Here is this year’s analysis.  Dominica is a thriving country where everyone is “taking their blows” but mostly all are more than making do and are getting a bit ahead. Everyone is looking sharper and neater for the new year.  There are more and more outlets for goods that are needed and at more reasonable prices.  There is much modernization.
    We are connected to the world, for good or bad.  We can see  great movies on cable TV which is vastly more reasonable to connect to than in  the US.  But the children also see Nike’s for $500US and want a pair.
    What we notice is the NYC effect.  There is a Chinese shop on every corner and then again half way down the street.  We wonder.  Dominica is finally on the platform for success.  We, as a couple, profess to know little about the government workings and doings.  Do we owe the Chinese Government a load of money?  Could or would they ever call it due?  Is this their method of world domination? They certainly have the USA in their financial crosshairs.
    Gold was the pinnacle of the 18th Century, iron ore and coal the gold of the 19th century, oil the gold of the 20th century.  Water is the new gold.  With four hundred and one inches of rain a year, everyone will court us.  Who will we owe a debt to?  The US of A did not let Kruschev touch Cuba and they will keep China from totally controlling our island of Dominica, so close to their shores.  But best be careful with our new found friends and the wealth they have brought and the property then now own.  Quite an expanse on Morne Daniel.
    Some of the best roads run to the mountains in Dominica. (Yet not up  Morne Daniel.)  Are they for our escape or the ease of troops? Will the Americans come to save us the way Eugenia stepped up for Ronald over Grenada (I think there was a girlish crush going on there!) It is not politics this time.  It is pragmatism.  America does not want China in its backyard controlling the country with unlimited supplies of fresh water.  If the US is still strong when that event seems imminent they will have a thing or two to say.  If not, then we go to the highest bidder or the strongest persuader. Don’t believe that the world won’t stand by while a little nation is overwhelmed.  It happens all the time.

     We must keep her safe, Watikubuli,* she is beautiful. Stand tall, your grace.

Rachel Walker John
Oliver Curtis John
Shawford Estate, Dominica


*  Kalinaga (Carib language) word for “Tall are Her Mountains”




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