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The dining room table partially laden for the Happy New Year party at 6 Shawford. In front we have Rachie’s well known sweets: brownies, bread pudding and banana bread. Into those B’s isn’t she? Could be the name she gave up. The next plate to the right is a bright round platter of barbecued ribs and chicken and in the middle, mini kabobs of beef and pork. They are on an orange plaid plate that she brought from the US that was left in the attic on 148 Elm St. along with many other finds. But this was special. It was a full box of what were Mrs. Arnold’s Pasadicha dishes. They were the most garish, ugly dishes, yet perfectly charming, even had a creamer and sugar bowl. All the pieces are gone now except the platter which has a mended crack across her middle.
In between these two plates is an oval fiesta ware that has about a dozen crabbacks. This is a delicacy here. We have crabs all over the place because of the amount of water we have all over the place. The crabs are caught, gutted, the meat from their legs processed into a stuffing and put back into the shell. Delish. Rach doesn’t make those but Johnny gets them for her from Pearl’s.
The last small plate way to the left is filled with pesto ears, Rachel’s invention. Fresh picked basil blended with cashews, olive oil and cheddar cheese and tucked into little rounds of her brother Lennox’s fresh raw dough, into mini cupcake tins and covered with shredded mozzarella. mmmmmmm
Not shown are her sister Jane’s roasted rooties and boy do they have rooties in Dominica. These are root vegetables. Six or more different kinds of yams, cush cush, tania, white, yellow, dasheen and then beets and carrots and onions and garlic and ginger. Although they all don’t cook at the same speed. Some people may break their teeth on the tania.
Creativity in the kitchen or in the garden or organizing one’s house and home is all of a piece. The words come out when they will and tell a story when they can.

Bonty arrived at the party! He was looking thin and frail but he climbed the twenty-six stairs to the first level of the house and sat for the afternoon and talked and joked and ate. “No alcohol” he said because of his swollen hands. He used to be quite the bon vivant with a little rum in him.


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