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Zeb for Sale?

     I was amazed at how radically our exports dropped from over $100 million in the 80’s to 35 million in the little over twenty years since we lost most favored nation in the banana trade.  Why we didn’t have an agriculture program then I don’t know?  The way I see it as a person of dual citizenship, both Dominican and American, is that we need more innovation, development and marketing.   We need to develop a market in say, chocolate.  We need to include the basic workers and we need a big budget for advertising.  In Peru an American investor started a chocolate factory.  He included the peasants in the business.  That is they got a share of the US$15 candy bar and not just a few EC dollars for a pod of caco or a pound of dried beans.  So the laborer was willing to pick and shell and clean because at the end of the month he got a whopping good pay check.
    For Dominica, I recommend developing a market in America for sorrel.  A beautiful red juice, easy to make, healthy for your children, inexpensive to buy, ship.  Why aren’t our mountainsides covered in sorrel bushes?  I can see every bodega and fruit market and grocery store in NY with bags of sorrel and little video’s produced by us showing how to make the juice with a stick of cinnamon, maybe provided an the package of sorrel, that we ship over night because we are that big a business!.  We have to think big and outside the box.
    Menopause is the topic of the day in the US.  Women are no longer shy.  Yams are the best remedy for the side effects of low estrogen.  Why are we not shipping truckloads of all the different kinds of root vegetables that we have to the US?
    Marketing.  A Public Relations Company that comes in and teaches us how to sell what we want.
I met a lovely Austrian couple walking up the mountain to Trafalgar while I was taking my walk this morning and of course the buses were passing us left and right and we had a chat and they said that although they were from the ship at port they always walk wherever they go so they get to see the people and the houses and the terrain.  Richard and Annika were lovely and appreciative of the tour of my home and the beers for refreshments.
    Mostly boat people are told not to spend any money in Dominica, that there is nothing to buy, while your wives and sister sit with their wares on the side of the road and people pass them straight in those big Chinese buses that could kill with their exhaust.  And why pray tell can they not pick up our honorable students and women and gentlemen who look for a transport at odd hours into town.  Maybe they could meet a local and learn something about this county they are driving through on an eighty dollar bus ride to three ten minute stops.  Doesn’t help our people and the bus drivers don’t get much of that $US80 they shell out per person.  The ship company gets it or a tour company.  Not poor little beleaguered Dominica.
     Its a conundrum inside a riddle.


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