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“Bie Mir Bist Du Shein”

It has been almost a year since I’ve published. I got a very bad reaction to “In The Zone” and it quashed my public free-thinking for a while. But I’m home again and off the couch, so to speak. I’m learning to slosh from side to side, each step in the river causing a reaction. My life will be long so I don’t have to be downhearted that I haven’t accomplished more along the way.

I am moving into the high zone with Bette Midler playing on the stereo, feeling reconnected to my husband as if our love was fresh and new. I can feel it and be safe. He knows it and feels it too. The security of our love has saved me.  Yet mine can’t free him from the obsession over the abuse that made him so insecure. He is so wise and good and wonderful.
I told him I don’t need that other stuff if he can’t give it for the rest of our lives, although he is the one who first touched my soul with his loving. His kisses, in the coat room of Mo’ Better Blues could have made me slide down his throat from the inside out, my puss going first.

Bette sings to our sexuality. She admits “Bie mir bist du shein” (Yiddish for “To me you are beautiful”) that you are grand. Yet they are drawing swasztikas on the temples in California and are saying “kill the Jews” out loud and reporting it on Fox News as a natural result of people being angry with the US and thus with Israel. So easy to blame the Jews for the war in the middle east and the liberal bent of this country.

Men with their cancerous prostates and their limp or unsatisfied dicks who go off again and again to war, trying to keep the women weak. If only they didn’t beat us down we would be the goddesses they need to become the men they should be. Men who want peace and equality.

We were meant to be a team, not adversaries, not the little woman, sheltered from the fray. We are the goddesses and we are here to save the the planet from the destruction by the limp dick that shoots the automatic into the crowd never having been loved. It is in our power but we have believed them for so long that we may never own it in time to rise up. What games will Hilly have to play to get the vote? Why won’t women trust her? She is the brightest and the best.

It makes me sick how sisters berate each other to get the eye of the best dick in the fraternity not knowing that he’s as frightened as she. Help him to be as great as he can be. Our entire lives, the whole world, is built on FEAR and instead of congregating and keeping warm and sharing ideas, the aggressors started to fight and make factions and get more money and strength.
It hasn’t worked. It doesn’t work. Time for a new paradigm.


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  1. Dr. Lynn Alison says:

    Thank you.

    Dr. Lynn Allison


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