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Dispatches from Dominica


The goats and sheep in my neighbor’s yard talk to me. They sound like old men with wizened voices at a soccer match cheering on their team, brrrraayyy hooray. They are safe from the dogs, now locked inside our gates. Jazz, Reggae and Dred Jr are tied at night so they don’t bark at the dogs in the hood who go liming after 11 PM. It is not cool to have a resort and barking dogs. We are learning along the way.
Jazz and Reggae

Me at Carnival Sense

Mas Domnik 2003

Carnival, like Mardi Gras, is celebrated for two weeks up until Ash Wednesday when Lent begins. In the islands it is a time for the people to criticize, mimic and make fun of the powers-that-be, without fear of reprisal. One of the last days of Carnival is called Sensé. People dress in shredded rope shaped as wild animals and other elaborate costumes with faces covered. This allows for great freedom of expression since one is unidentifiable.



  1. Janet Wallstein says:

    Rachie, This is great. Perfect venue for your musings.

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